Egoless Expression

The expression of your Absolute Being is happening constantly. You call it your life, the world, the universe, history, time and space, but it is nothing other than yourself, your Real Self expressing Itself.

After that expression occurs a thought arises, saying “I did that.” That thought is the ego, not the expression.

Many people get confused about this teaching and think that in their true being nothing is happening. Nothing is being done. Many teachers actually expound this this nonsense and so confuse sincere seekers. Nothing could be further from the truth. All it means is that there is no personal being doing it. There is no ego or mind doing. It is all happening spontaneously, arising naturally from the Absolute, which includes the relative.

So it is not Mozart who created the music. It was the Beingness that created it and it appeared as Mozart. Or rather, we called the appearing Mozart. But because we are identified with the body and mind we regarded that appearing as a body and mind and called it Wolfgang. Appearing has always happened and will always happen. More accurately, it is always happening now. That is the very nature of Reality. It is not static. It constantly expressing itself, right now in this moment.

Do not project upon that statement “expressing itself” a human interpretation. Regarding yourself as a mind you project mind on that expression and so you see the phrase “expressing itself” as an act of intention or will. It is not. Those are total projections on the phenomena, the snake in the rope, if you will.

Will and intention do not apply to Reality. It only applies to our interpretation of Reality as it appears. And again that interpretation will be subjective based on the stand we are taking as ourselves. If I regard myself as a body I will see everything as matter or physicality. If I regard myself as a mind I will see everything as perspective and maybe even thought forms and concepts. If I see myself as an energy being I will say “It is all energy” and see it as energy patterns or maybe even quantum. But if I regard myself as the Reality Itself, Pure Consciousness then what I behold will be nothing other than myself. And then the world disappears, absorbed into my very center, the Absolute Reality.

Jesus alluded to this when he said “If I bear witness of myself my witness is not true. But the Father which dwells within me, He bears witness of me.” The first sentence refers to the ego. Which only references itself, projects itself on the appearance and so has no substance on which to assert authority. But the Father (Reality, Truth, The Self) does bear witness to the expression of Itself, which Christ referred to as the Son. The Father authorizes the Son because it is, in fact, none other but the Son. The two are one.

The mistake that spiritual seekers make is that if I do anything it must be the ego doing it. I have watched many an honest seeker get stuck in lethargy, apathy, even indolence trying to avoid ego activity. The ego owns nothing, does nothing, creates nothing, is nothing. So no activity belongs to the ego and all activity belongs to the Self. What we call the ego is but a thought that appears after the divine event of expression occurs. That thought says “I did that.” But it bears witness to itself and so that witness is not true. The expression itself bears witness to the Father, the Reality and so is a perfect expression of the Absolute.

Thus now and always expression is egoless. See that and pay no more attention to the thought that has no reference point and be free to embrace everything happening in your life as nothing other than the divine Reality Itself. Which is nothing other than Your Self.

GP Walsh

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Is Your Back Door Open?

In all of our working with affirmations, the law of attraction and the such like, as we attempt to increase the flow of abundance  into our lives. Oh let’s just say it shall we? As we attempt to increase the flow of money into our lives, we need to understand the law of energy flow.  We need to grasp the whole process.

Let’s say it’s gotten too warm in your house. So you open a window in the front of the house to let in a cool breeze. And a little breeze is what you get. Nice but not much of a relief. But if you go to the back of the house and open a window there as well, then you get a spectacular breeze. The wind just flows, fully and unimpeded. The whole house is filled with fresh air. So much so that you may even need to close the window a bit to keep from being blown away.

This is exactly the same principle of the inner work that has come to be called the law of attraction. The front door is your affirmations, goal work, emotional releasing or energy psychology. This is the work that you hear taught all the time and where most of the emphasis is. But, if you find that you have been affirming or releasing or processing or tapping until you’re blue in the face and nothing has changed then consider this question. Is your back door open?

What is the back door and how do you open it? You need to live out your affirmations. You need live them as if they were true now. Even if there is little evidence to support that. After all an affirmation is always for something that is not here yet, right? So act as if it is. And what is the best way to do that?


Simple as that. Give what you have to give and as much as you can. Not necessisarily things. Giving is not so much about what you give as to how you give it. Let giving become a way of life, an attitude, a living affirmation. Giving freely, without any attachment to what you get back is the open back door that let’s all the riches of the universe flow in the front door.

What you give does not have to be a big thing. As a matter of fact, most of the time it won’t be. A helping hand, a withheld judgement, a word of encouragement. It is not the relative value of the thing you give that is important. It is the absolute value of your intention. It is the purity of your love.

Consider this. If you really were convinced that all the abundance of the universe was yours for the asking, if you were convinced that what you are affirming was actually true, would you hesitate for one moment about giving? Would you be concerned about getting anything back? Would you not simply forget yourself and give for the sheer joy of it? And isn’t that the freedom we are really seeking in all of our affirmations and goal work?

So let yourself actively live out in your life what you are asserting in  your affirmations. Let yourself become the center, the fulcrum, the balance point of the whole system of energetic flow. Keep both doors open. Then you will see it all coming to you, through you and from you effortlessly and consistently.

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The Therapist-Priest

Life Coaching with a spiritual intention is an interesting occupation. It is a strange mixture of the most subtle and the most technical and operates on multiple levels. Hopping between the levels without warning is the signature of the art.

In one moment I am the therapist, recalling childhood (and adulthood) traumas, digging up shadowy figures from the past (up to 1 second ago) and bringing them to the surface in a way that relieves the inner pressure and leads to an end of suffering and a greater sense of well-being. In that moment I am the psychic surgeon cutting away everything that is no longer needed or wanted and, in fact, is no longer supporting health and well-being.

But then, in the next moment, I am diving head first into the very structure of the identity itself, challenging everything my client believes to be true and undermining all their inner support. The very same identity that, on one level, I labor to liberate from pain and suffering, on another level I am denying its very existence in its totality.

Doing this is an art, of course, a high art, and one that requires many years of practice, as well the necessity of having been gifted with it naturally. To assail the identity at the wrong time creates a new trauma where you want to heal one. Not calling the identity into question leaves one in their delusions and thus robs them of the ultimate solution to all traumas and, consequently, all suffering.

It is truly a razor’s edge. But what a fun place to walk.

So I am a therapist when I work through the details of intense emotional alienation and pain or when I apply some technique to some subtle energy disruption. But then, in a moment, I become a priest of the existential, handing out communion with the Divine and leading the charge in the holy war against the most tenacious yet imaginary enemy, the picture we hold of ourselves.

Mind you, I am neither a priest nor a therapist. Nor do I play one on TV.  The word people use for what I do is Transformational Coach. I have never actually liked the term, but there is not another term in common usage. So I am kind of stuck with it. I have to call myslef something so that potential clients know who and what to look for. But the Transformational Coach is more of a Therapist/Priest. A coaching session can be both therapy and Satsang, both surgery and communion.

How and when I switch between the two, or jump between the levels remains a mystery, especially to me. As I have said numerous times, it is an art and art will always remain a mystery. Its rightness is obvious when it happens but any attempt to retrace the steps and reproduce it or to find a nice linear line of causation, will fail spectacularly. It happens. That is all. One can look back and see what happened and the beauty of it, but it cannot ever be explained and certainly not reproduced.

So I will remain GP the Coach, but I will secretly be the therapist/priest, healer/teacher, nurse/guru, surgeon/monk. I will continue to repair in one moment which in the next moment I will annihilate. Strange really but that is, in fact, the only reason to repair it. So that it is strong enough to volunteer for its own demise.

GP Walsh

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From A Single Thought To A Destiny Of Lifetimes

There is an old Hindu proverb

Be careful with your thoughts because your thoughts become your words
Be careful with your words because your words become your actions
Be careful with your actions because you actions become your behaviors
Be careful with your behaviors because your behaviors become your habits
Be careful with your habits because your habits become your character
And be careful with your character because your character becomes your destiny

From a single thought can grow a destiny that spans lifetimes and millennia. It can grown into a destiny that is capable of manifesting in circumstances that, in the moment seem completely beyond our control and certainly not of our creating. The origin of those circumstances is lost in antiquity.

If I say something cruel to someone and they immediately yell at me, the cause of them yelling is clear and unambiguous. But if I say something cruel to someone and 10 years later they say something nasty to me the causal connection is lost.

So are you experiencing difficulty in any area of your life? How do you get back to the root cause of the circumstance and uproot the originating cause?

  1. First you have to accept that somehow, in some way, you are the causal factor. The actual thought may be buried beyond your memory but you are the cause none the less.
  2. Second you need to forgive yourself for the obviously unconscious mistake of the long forgotten past.
  3. Third you need to forgive everyone and everything that is participating in the present circumstance that you are finding difficult.
  4. Fourth you have to approach the whole thing with love and acceptance. With a heart opening to discerning and a mind willing to be enlightened
  5. Finally you need to open your mind to discerning the thought in the circumstance. The originating thought, though not still present as a thought in the mind is very much present in the circumstance if you know how to look for it.

Over the years I have learned to trust the natural operation of life. Governed by an exquisite intelligence the answer to all problems is readily available, if you are patient enough to listen. Where there is an ear there must be a voice. I find that when I do that that the answer, the source of the difficulty simply comes to me. It may come as a picture, a sound, a feeling, a sensation, a memory, even a memory not of this life, an impression, an intuition or an insight. But it will come.

As this happens more often four transformations take place with you.

  1. First you come to trust it and become willing to sit with even the most difficult experiences confident that the healing light will come.
  2. Second your entire perspective of life and circumstances shifts measurably. You see the current situation, whatever it might be, not as an isolated event happening in time but a momentary reflection of a line of causation that stretches backwards and forwards forever.
  3. Third you see everything as interconnected, functioning as a single whole.
  4. And finally you fall into peace, for this is the great mystery and there, sitting in its center is none other than you.

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The Feeling of Separation

Do you feel separate? Then that is your truth. It does not matter what your spiritual outlook is. You can be as non-dual as you like. If you feel separate then the truth for you is “I am separate” period, end of story.

What? I thought the truth was oneness, love, universal goodness, peace? Don’t you teach that GP?”

Do you feel fear, desire, lack of direction, yearning, concern, wanting? Then separation is your truth. You believe that you are separate and sometime in the future you won’t be any more. And this belief is pervasive. It underlies all wanting. No separation, no wanting. Again, period end of story. Now, by belief I do not mean a mental thing. I mean a deep, unconscious conviction that something is true. That this is the fact of your being, objective, verifiable and incontrovertible. 

If I want money or wealth or abundance, I must feel and believe that money is separate from me, that I don’t have it and need to get it. Same is true for health, relationships, romance, success, opportunity, enlightenment, freedom, God. If this fundamental existential belief was not present you could not feel a wanting of anything. So the fact is, we feel separate. It doesn’t matter whether we think that or not. It doesn’t even matter whether it is true or not. You feel it is true. And so it is. There is little, weak, shivering me here and the rest of this huge, powerful, unconcerned universe, there. “Geez am I screwed!”

Now that does not make it true. In fact, it isn’t true. You are not separate. The oneness of existence is a fact. But we act as if separation is true. We feel that it is. And so our experience reflects that.

 So what is the cure.  

  1. Recognize the depth of this existential belief.
  2. Recognize that all your feelings of doubt, want and fear (even the fear of death) are only the feeling of separation in disguise
  3. Focus on the feeling directly and unambiguously (whatever its form) as the feeling of separation and not the name of the particular emotion
  4. Challenge its truth by recognizing that it is just a feeling, a false conviction that I decided was true when I didn’t know an better and, although it is deeply ingrained, it isn’t actually true
  5. Keep challenging it and don’t give up

This fundamental recognition, put into practice diligently, will cause your progress to accelerate. Why? Because you will be pulling up the tree by the roots.

All feelings are merely masks being worn by this one simple, existential belief – separation.

The only reason you experience the emotions of suffering is that you really do believe you are separate. You really believe it! Challenge this belief and you will no longer be tricked by the various disguises that the existential belief of separation wears. You will be confronting the culprit directly.

And the culprit can only exist when it fools us. Once it is exposed for the falsity it is it will no longer be your truth and so will no longer be what you experience. It will dissolve.

GP’s Coaching Site –

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Suffering = Stuck

Suffering = Stuck

The word the Buddha used for suffering was the Sanskrit word dukkha. While in English we translate it suffering a more accurate definition is discontent, not quite rightness.

The word suffering is quite intense and most people think of it as extreme pain. But originally Buddha was referring to a very subtle and for most of us constant dissatisfaction with what is. I do believe that if we become more sensitive to the subtle undercurrent of the feeling of discontent that is our norm, and learn to release it, that that our progress towards the sense of permanent freedom or peace will be quicker.

But interestingly enough there is another definition of that word dukkha. The word originated long before the Buddha and its original meaning is very interesting. The word originally referred to the axle hole on a horse drawn cart. When the hole was out of true the axle turned with great difficulty or not at all. So dukkha became the term for being out of true which meant unable to move freely or, in a word, stuck!

It is no accident that when Buddha attained his enlightenment and decided to attempt to teach the rest of us, the heavens rejoiced because “the wheel of the Dharma had begun to turn”. The wheel of “the way” was turning true.

In my teaching and coaching the one thing I have noticed above all else is the tendency of us humans to get stuck somewhere. For spiritual people it is stuck in some spiritual principle. For religious people it is stuck in the beliefs of the religion. For non-dualists it is stuck in the absolute. For self-help fans its stuck in the process. For materialists its stuck in attainment and gains. For the intellectual its stuck in some idea. For everyone it is stuck in some point of view that has been deemed “the truth”.

But reality isn’t stuck anywhere. It is constantly flowing. Concepts in the mind are fixed, not reality. The mind takes a snapshot of reality and holds that, believing it now has the “right” picture. Its not an unreasonable point of view since most things change more slowly than we can detect but everything is constantly changing. Without change, life simply ends. Buddha called this impermanence and it is the nature of everything. Suffering comes from wanting things to stay the same when it is their nature to move, including the human being.

This to me, the recognition of impermanence is the essence of the practice of emotional releasing. Letting go of the futile attempt to hold on to something that has already changed in the time you have been looking at it. It is also the essence of resistance. We want things to either remain the same (if you happen to like the way they are right now) or we want them to change into what we want them to be in order to match our fixed picture. The problem isn’t in reality, it is in our picture of it.

Let all of that go! The only thing you are really resisting is not knowing what is going to happen (which you don’t) and as a result, you imagine the worst (worst meaning different from my fixed idea). Diving into that impermanence where you don’t know but are courageous enough to let yourself go there, THAT is freedom.

Freedom is not in the control of things (which, by the way, is not possible). It is in the acceptance of things. Accpt things as they are. And hey, while we’re at it, let’s go beyond mere acceptance and completely embrace it. Since this is the way it is and there is nothing you can do about it,  you might as well dive into it and take a swim, rather than stand on the shore dipping your toe. Dive in.

Find within you the willingness to let go of now in exchange for now. Freedom is not a destination. It is the conscious choice to allow yourself to be moved by life. To go without knowing where you are going or trying to control the destination (which, by now it should be sinking in, you can’t). Any decision to attempt to stay where you are is stuckness and stuck = suffering.

Until you decide to let go of that stuckness, which is nothing more than the picture you have of “how things are (or should be)” you will experience that subtle discontent of not quite rightness. So perhaps now would be a good time to decide, once and for all that you will go wherever life takes you.

And get ready for the ride of your life.

GP’s Coaching Site –

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The Monster In The Closet

When I was boy I was convinced there were monsters in my closet. It didn’t matter that they were not there when the lights were on or that Mom and Dad assured me that there were no monsters there. What, were they kidding? I saw them! If I neglected to close the closet door before getting into bed they would appear, all sorts of creatures in the shadows of clothing. It would take an enormous amount of effort to build up the courage to jump out of bed and run to the light switch before they got me. Monsters never appear in the light! Making it safely to the switch I would close the door and go to sleep peacefully.No monster is the equal of a hollow core, sliding door.

Childish fantasy right? Well… maybe.

If you have ever done any reading about how the eyes and the brain actually work you would have been as amazed as I to have found that what the eye sees is actually quite a fuzzy, pixelated image. The detail that we so love is actually filled in by the brain. The image we “see” is actually a creation in the brain as a response to the limited information it is receiving from the eye.

Hmmm, an image generated in the brain based on incomplete information. Of course, we insist that it is really there as we see it. The fact that is overlooked for children is that they really do see those monsters, as well as imaginary friends, angels. and others. Their little brains are actually creating the image, given the incomplete information that it receives from the shadowy shape of clothes in a dark closet and its incomplete belief system to “tell” it what to see.

We disregard the child’s experience because we as adults “know better”. Which only means our belief systems are thoroughly in place and we have been conditioned to discard certain information in preference for other information. In other words, we have conditioned the brain to present the picture we have as a group decided is “real”.

So how much of my world is made up? How much of it appears the way it does simply because I expect it to? What are the rules that the brain is applyng to create the detailed picture I “see” out of the undetailed fragments the eye actually does see. If what I “see” as the world is actually just an image in my brain, generated from these foregone conclusions, based on very incomplete information then what am I actually seeing? People used to see gods in the sky, in the mountains, in plants and animals. Now we say rubbish to that and instead see systems, patterns and laws. Is it really all that different?

Is that image telling us the truth or are we just experiencing the adult equivalent of monsters in the closet?

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