Well Why Don’t You?

When I was 20 years old, I was attending college majoring in music. I had started playing drums when I was 5 years old so I was a percussion major.  One day I wandered into the studio that had a large organ in it and there was a woman playing beautifully. It was an impressive site, the dual keyboards, foot keyboard, all those buttons and switches and a huge sound. I said to the woman, “Wow, I wish I could do that”. To which she replied “Well, why don’t you?”

It stopped me in my tracks, quite literally. I couldn’t think of a reason not to. I had just assumed I couldn’t. I was a drummer, right? I had been a drummer for 15 years. I was one of the best drummers in Chicago. A year later I was a pianist and an organist and had started composing. I left the drums and never looked back. You can hear my compositions at http://miamimusicworkz.com. It has been a lifetime love affair.

All it took to change my life completely and permanently was recognizing that the only thing I needed to do was make a decision.

We get stuck in our patterns of thinking and behavior and believe that we do not have alternatives. We do. We always do. Yes I was a young, unattached man when I made that complete change so it was easier than for someone who is say married, has a lot of responsibility and established in a career. But the principle is the same. And the principle is:

The decision comes first, everything else follows

Let me point out the one mistake we all make when considering a big change for our lives. We want to know how before we commit to doing what we want. We want to make sure its going to work. But it doesn’t work that way. Here is what I believe to be one of the basic laws of human experience.

In order to attain your dream, anything valuable or life changing you have to decide to do it first. The how always comes second.

When you commit to something then the whole human system goes into action. Without that decision the mechanism remains in its static state. Unless you get from “Gee I wish I could….” to “I am doing this no matter what” absolutely nothing is going to happen. Why? Because when you don’t decide your instructions to your body, mind and emotions are leave everything as it is. And they obey.

In my coaching practice I use a couple of different processes helping people move from “I wish…” to “I am…” But I am not a skills based coach. I am a transformational coach. I work with people to achieve their dreams from the inside out. I find that once the decision is made to do something that the skills become rather easy to acquire. The process of deciding actually makes us more attuned to the environment and opportunities which we didn’t see before become visible.

This is the natural functioning of the system. Stay the same unless there is a compelling reason to change. The most compelling reason I can think of is “I really want (fill in the blank)“. But it has to move to “I am going to (fill in the blank)

Tell me again why you can’t do that

But what if you don’t have something that is compelling you like that, something you really want? Well either everything is OK as it is. That is great! You should be at peace. Or you, just like me all those year ago, had never been asked ‘Well, why don’t you?” and honestly attempted to answer that question.

If you are not completely at peace then you do have a dream you have kept hidden from yourself.

I can guarantee you. If you decide to make a change the change will happen. If you don’t it won’t. It is now and always has been up to you.

GP – http://gpwalshcoaching.com


About GP Walsh

GP Walsh is a spiritual teacher, life coach, personal growth facilitator, speaker, author and workshop leader.
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17 Responses to Well Why Don’t You?

  1. Great post, Greg! I particularly like the way you used the story of becoming a keyboard player to illustrate your points.

    Yes, first comes the decision, then everything else follows. Well said!

    Here’s another quote that says this that I like:
    When you’re interested, you do what’s convenient.
    When you’re committed, you do what it takes.

  2. Gail Palubiak says:

    Greg, what a wonderful way to let us know more about you. Your music is lovely!

    • gpwalsh says:

      Thank you Gail. Look for the next blog entry. It will talk about how I went from music to coaching and teaching. We follow our light up and up and up! I love music and I have been gifted in that way but my calling is elsewhere, the calling of the Bhodisattva.

  3. Celia Fox says:


    As one who has been passionate about energy work for 20 years, I used to think that I had to get rid of the fear and blocks before taking action. This has been a great excuse for non-action for many years of the past 20. What I’m beginning to discover is that making the decision and THEN releasing the blocks that arise is much more effective, and leads me to the fulfillment and freedom that I crave.

    I so appreciate your emphasis on making the decision as primary. And I love how you expressed it. Very powerful!

    • gpwalsh says:

      I am totally with you Celia. I used to think that the point was to “know” the way and that is what indicated that you were connected to the big source. Now I realize that I am the source and I need to connect to what I am feeling. I am the leader I am not being led. What a different perspective. “How” does not even enter into that equation. Only the vision!

  4. Mary Claybon says:

    I loved this post Greg. It reminded me of my friend Peter Block’s book The Answer to How is Yes. You are so right in that our fear of following our heart and dreams is based on the obstacle that we have to have a guaranteed outcome or that it has to unfold perfectly. It’s a journey based on desire isn’t it?
    You have an interesting bio. Looks like you have followed many dreams.
    I wish you continued happiness and peace.

  5. Connie Sorrel says:

    Beautifully written Greg and your music is lovely as well. Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog…I am feeling quite inspired to start my own!

  6. Marta Luzim says:

    Great post Greg. Thank you for sharing.. An author, whose name escapes me said. “I used to think courage was having no fear. Now I know courage is being afraid and doing it anyway.” I love how you stated to commit and not know how you will get there.. that is the thrilling part now, and scary part. but all of it takes me on an amazing ride…and in a moment to moment journey .thank you for putting the uumph into my day.. I live in Coral Springs, Fla.. nice to meet a neighbor..

  7. Yes …it is all about being present in the moment and having the decision become three dimensional… expanding out into reality. Lovely post Greg!!! I so enjoyed it.

  8. Karen Zietlow says:

    Leap and the net will appear.

  9. Sarah B says:

    Hey Greg!
    It’s so great to see how you still enjoy expressing your musical talents while helping people discover their freedom through coaching. It’s fantastic what you do! I admire you for expressing your talents. Who says we can only express one? I finally started a blog. That was my action today! Thanks again for getting us motivated. Blessings!

  10. Sarah B says:

    Hey Greg! Sorry for the multiple post. There was an error to the website address I posted earlier. It’s just a blog but I left out wordpress.

  11. What an inspiring anecdote and great reminder, Greg, of what
    I know but sometimes forget when at a crossroads…again!
    “…the process of deciding makes us more attuned to the environment
    and opportunities which we didn’t see before become visible.”
    So true! I needed to hear that today…Thanks for this!

  12. GP Walsh says:

    Thank you Linda. The thing is we all need reminding. It is easy to forget. This is not common knowledge and most walk around with the opposite assumption. e tend to view life as something that is happening to you rather than something you are willingly participating in.

    And finding the courage to decide is the heart of the spiritual journey. It makes us come face to face with our own inner resistance, prejudices and beliefs that do not serve us. It truly is a hero’s journey.

    • Rachel says:

      Well Greg,
      Thank you for this inspiring and so true post and comment. I feel so concerned as the Key to Mastery class (with everyone involved) helped me to discover that subconsciously I had postponed my decision to develop my business for such a long time. Of course that was the reason why I was surrounded by resistance. What I considered as bad luck was instead lack of focus on the dreamed outcome.
      Decision is there, procrastination has vanished and creativity flows.
      Best transformational wishes

  13. Great post, Greg! Such a great question to ask – “why don’t you?”. I forwarded this to my eldest son (a guitarist). Your music is wonderful. Thanks!

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