The Invisible Hand

The whole world, as we experience it, is completely of our own making. No laws have been imposed, no circumstances have come uninvited, no accident has befallen. The invisible hand that shapes our destiny is none other than our own. Why rail against the stupidity of my dance when I am the puppeteer. Why praise the transcendent gods when I hold the scepter of power.

But why is the hand invisible?

It is simply that we have been all conditioned to believe that we are impotent. This does not change the fact that we hold all the cards, all the time, but we believe that we do not. So the events that make up our lives appear to come from the outside, uninvited and against our will. We have become unconscious of our power and so the world seems to operate on its own without my consent.

It is, in fact, operating not only with your consent but according to your every whim. You are the captain of a great ship that has contracted amnesia and forgotten that you are the captain. You are running around the decks complaining that the ship is zigzagging all over the place and doesn’t appear to have any direction.

You demand to talk to the captain. No one knows where he is, despite the fact that you are standing there in the captain’s uniform. Eventually someone comes along and holds up a mirror for you and the truth dawns. You are the captain and the ship has been wandering because it has been following your directions to a tee. Now you assume control once again, correct the course and start heading for your ultimate direction.

The Master has returned and the hand is no longer invisible.


About GP Walsh

GP Walsh is a spiritual teacher, life coach, personal growth facilitator, speaker, author and workshop leader.
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