The Feeling of Separation

Do you feel separate? Then that is your truth. It does not matter what your spiritual outlook is. You can be as non-dual as you like. If you feel separate then the truth for you is “I am separate” period, end of story.

What? I thought the truth was oneness, love, universal goodness, peace? Don’t you teach that GP?”

Do you feel fear, desire, lack of direction, yearning, concern, wanting? Then separation is your truth. You believe that you are separate and sometime in the future you won’t be any more. And this belief is pervasive. It underlies all wanting. No separation, no wanting. Again, period end of story. Now, by belief I do not mean a mental thing. I mean a deep, unconscious conviction that something is true. That this is the fact of your being, objective, verifiable and incontrovertible. 

If I want money or wealth or abundance, I must feel and believe that money is separate from me, that I don’t have it and need to get it. Same is true for health, relationships, romance, success, opportunity, enlightenment, freedom, God. If this fundamental existential belief was not present you could not feel a wanting of anything. So the fact is, we feel separate. It doesn’t matter whether we think that or not. It doesn’t even matter whether it is true or not. You feel it is true. And so it is. There is little, weak, shivering me here and the rest of this huge, powerful, unconcerned universe, there. “Geez am I screwed!”

Now that does not make it true. In fact, it isn’t true. You are not separate. The oneness of existence is a fact. But we act as if separation is true. We feel that it is. And so our experience reflects that.

 So what is the cure.  

  1. Recognize the depth of this existential belief.
  2. Recognize that all your feelings of doubt, want and fear (even the fear of death) are only the feeling of separation in disguise
  3. Focus on the feeling directly and unambiguously (whatever its form) as the feeling of separation and not the name of the particular emotion
  4. Challenge its truth by recognizing that it is just a feeling, a false conviction that I decided was true when I didn’t know an better and, although it is deeply ingrained, it isn’t actually true
  5. Keep challenging it and don’t give up

This fundamental recognition, put into practice diligently, will cause your progress to accelerate. Why? Because you will be pulling up the tree by the roots.

All feelings are merely masks being worn by this one simple, existential belief – separation.

The only reason you experience the emotions of suffering is that you really do believe you are separate. You really believe it! Challenge this belief and you will no longer be tricked by the various disguises that the existential belief of separation wears. You will be confronting the culprit directly.

And the culprit can only exist when it fools us. Once it is exposed for the falsity it is it will no longer be your truth and so will no longer be what you experience. It will dissolve.

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About GP Walsh

GP Walsh is a spiritual teacher, life coach, personal growth facilitator, speaker, author and workshop leader.
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