From A Single Thought To A Destiny Of Lifetimes

There is an old Hindu proverb

Be careful with your thoughts because your thoughts become your words
Be careful with your words because your words become your actions
Be careful with your actions because you actions become your behaviors
Be careful with your behaviors because your behaviors become your habits
Be careful with your habits because your habits become your character
And be careful with your character because your character becomes your destiny

From a single thought can grow a destiny that spans lifetimes and millennia. It can grown into a destiny that is capable of manifesting in circumstances that, in the moment seem completely beyond our control and certainly not of our creating. The origin of those circumstances is lost in antiquity.

If I say something cruel to someone and they immediately yell at me, the cause of them yelling is clear and unambiguous. But if I say something cruel to someone and 10 years later they say something nasty to me the causal connection is lost.

So are you experiencing difficulty in any area of your life? How do you get back to the root cause of the circumstance and uproot the originating cause?

  1. First you have to accept that somehow, in some way, you are the causal factor. The actual thought may be buried beyond your memory but you are the cause none the less.
  2. Second you need to forgive yourself for the obviously unconscious mistake of the long forgotten past.
  3. Third you need to forgive everyone and everything that is participating in the present circumstance that you are finding difficult.
  4. Fourth you have to approach the whole thing with love and acceptance. With a heart opening to discerning and a mind willing to be enlightened
  5. Finally you need to open your mind to discerning the thought in the circumstance. The originating thought, though not still present as a thought in the mind is very much present in the circumstance if you know how to look for it.

Over the years I have learned to trust the natural operation of life. Governed by an exquisite intelligence the answer to all problems is readily available, if you are patient enough to listen. Where there is an ear there must be a voice. I find that when I do that that the answer, the source of the difficulty simply comes to me. It may come as a picture, a sound, a feeling, a sensation, a memory, even a memory not of this life, an impression, an intuition or an insight. But it will come.

As this happens more often four transformations take place with you.

  1. First you come to trust it and become willing to sit with even the most difficult experiences confident that the healing light will come.
  2. Second your entire perspective of life and circumstances shifts measurably. You see the current situation, whatever it might be, not as an isolated event happening in time but a momentary reflection of a line of causation that stretches backwards and forwards forever.
  3. Third you see everything as interconnected, functioning as a single whole.
  4. And finally you fall into peace, for this is the great mystery and there, sitting in its center is none other than you.


About GP Walsh

GP Walsh is a spiritual teacher, life coach, personal growth facilitator, speaker, author and workshop leader.
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