Is Your Back Door Open?

In all of our working with affirmations, the law of attraction and the such like, as we attempt to increase the flow of abundance  into our lives. Oh let’s just say it shall we? As we attempt to increase the flow of money into our lives, we need to understand the law of energy flow.  We need to grasp the whole process.

Let’s say it’s gotten too warm in your house. So you open a window in the front of the house to let in a cool breeze. And a little breeze is what you get. Nice but not much of a relief. But if you go to the back of the house and open a window there as well, then you get a spectacular breeze. The wind just flows, fully and unimpeded. The whole house is filled with fresh air. So much so that you may even need to close the window a bit to keep from being blown away.

This is exactly the same principle of the inner work that has come to be called the law of attraction. The front door is your affirmations, goal work, emotional releasing or energy psychology. This is the work that you hear taught all the time and where most of the emphasis is. But, if you find that you have been affirming or releasing or processing or tapping until you’re blue in the face and nothing has changed then consider this question. Is your back door open?

What is the back door and how do you open it? You need to live out your affirmations. You need live them as if they were true now. Even if there is little evidence to support that. After all an affirmation is always for something that is not here yet, right? So act as if it is. And what is the best way to do that?


Simple as that. Give what you have to give and as much as you can. Not necessisarily things. Giving is not so much about what you give as to how you give it. Let giving become a way of life, an attitude, a living affirmation. Giving freely, without any attachment to what you get back is the open back door that let’s all the riches of the universe flow in the front door.

What you give does not have to be a big thing. As a matter of fact, most of the time it won’t be. A helping hand, a withheld judgement, a word of encouragement. It is not the relative value of the thing you give that is important. It is the absolute value of your intention. It is the purity of your love.

Consider this. If you really were convinced that all the abundance of the universe was yours for the asking, if you were convinced that what you are affirming was actually true, would you hesitate for one moment about giving? Would you be concerned about getting anything back? Would you not simply forget yourself and give for the sheer joy of it? And isn’t that the freedom we are really seeking in all of our affirmations and goal work?

So let yourself actively live out in your life what you are asserting in  your affirmations. Let yourself become the center, the fulcrum, the balance point of the whole system of energetic flow. Keep both doors open. Then you will see it all coming to you, through you and from you effortlessly and consistently.


About GP Walsh

GP Walsh is a spiritual teacher, life coach, personal growth facilitator, speaker, author and workshop leader.
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