Egoless Expression

The expression of your Absolute Being is happening constantly. You call it your life, the world, the universe, history, time and space, but it is nothing other than yourself, your Real Self expressing Itself.

After that expression occurs a thought arises, saying “I did that.” That thought is the ego, not the expression.

Many people get confused about this teaching and think that in their true being nothing is happening. Nothing is being done. Many teachers actually expound this this nonsense and so confuse sincere seekers. Nothing could be further from the truth. All it means is that there is no personal being doing it. There is no ego or mind doing. It is all happening spontaneously, arising naturally from the Absolute, which includes the relative.

So it is not Mozart who created the music. It was the Beingness that created it and it appeared as Mozart. Or rather, we called the appearing Mozart. But because we are identified with the body and mind we regarded that appearing as a body and mind and called it Wolfgang. Appearing has always happened and will always happen. More accurately, it is always happening now. That is the very nature of Reality. It is not static. It constantly expressing itself, right now in this moment.

Do not project upon that statement “expressing itself” a human interpretation. Regarding yourself as a mind you project mind on that expression and so you see the phrase “expressing itself” as an act of intention or will. It is not. Those are total projections on the phenomena, the snake in the rope, if you will.

Will and intention do not apply to Reality. It only applies to our interpretation of Reality as it appears. And again that interpretation will be subjective based on the stand we are taking as ourselves. If I regard myself as a body I will see everything as matter or physicality. If I regard myself as a mind I will see everything as perspective and maybe even thought forms and concepts. If I see myself as an energy being I will say “It is all energy” and see it as energy patterns or maybe even quantum. But if I regard myself as the Reality Itself, Pure Consciousness then what I behold will be nothing other than myself. And then the world disappears, absorbed into my very center, the Absolute Reality.

Jesus alluded to this when he said “If I bear witness of myself my witness is not true. But the Father which dwells within me, He bears witness of me.” The first sentence refers to the ego. Which only references itself, projects itself on the appearance and so has no substance on which to assert authority. But the Father (Reality, Truth, The Self) does bear witness to the expression of Itself, which Christ referred to as the Son. The Father authorizes the Son because it is, in fact, none other but the Son. The two are one.

The mistake that spiritual seekers make is that if I do anything it must be the ego doing it. I have watched many an honest seeker get stuck in lethargy, apathy, even indolence trying to avoid ego activity. The ego owns nothing, does nothing, creates nothing, is nothing. So no activity belongs to the ego and all activity belongs to the Self. What we call the ego is but a thought that appears after the divine event of expression occurs. That thought says “I did that.” But it bears witness to itself and so that witness is not true. The expression itself bears witness to the Father, the Reality and so is a perfect expression of the Absolute.

Thus now and always expression is egoless. See that and pay no more attention to the thought that has no reference point and be free to embrace everything happening in your life as nothing other than the divine Reality Itself. Which is nothing other than Your Self.

GP Walsh


About GP Walsh

GP Walsh is a spiritual teacher, life coach, personal growth facilitator, speaker, author and workshop leader.
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